Supertherm® Ultraflap™

Finally, a mudlap designed for the fireground.

Ever calculated how much time and money you spend each year repairing and replacing mudguards and mudflaps?

Perhaps you wished it was possible to combine the fire resistance of steel with the flexibility of rubber?

Unique, double-reinforced ‘Duo-Force™’ omnidirectional central core offers outstanding tensile strength and tear resistance, for far better real-life durability during high-load events such as driving over difficult terrain and obstacles. Independently tested in accordance with AS 1683.12 Determination of Tear Strength.

Custom-formulated ‘Ultraflap™’ compound is the result of an extensive Research & Development programme and does not support combustion. Independent Laboratory testing has also confirmed extremely low smoke generation on exposure to flame - both critical factors for components on a fire-fighting appliance.

High level of natural carbon black distributed throughout the compound which helps to provide ultra-high UV resistance - far in excess of traditional rubber materials commonly utilised.

Exceptional durability - independently validated by testing to ISO 4643, ISO 7619 and ISO 4649, the Ultraflap™ simply will not dent or crease like aluminium or steel; it flexes and returns back to shape. This is proven to be more successful than attempts to hinge a rigid mudflap, and significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Ultraflap™ is independently tested to:

AS 1530.2 Flammability Index
AS 1683.12 Determination of Tear Strength
ISO 4643 Ross Flex Testing
ISO 4643 Abrasion Resistance
ISO 7619 Shore ‘A’ Hardness


Is the Supertherm® Ultraflap™ more expensive than traditional flaps?

We believe that in addition to the safety benefits, the Ultraflap™ total cost of ownership is significantly lower. If your Appliances face similar demanding conditions experienced by most rural trucks, the Ultraflap™ will potentially reduce the lifetime cost. Furthermore, you can expect greater uptime - critical in the fire season.

How universal is the Ultraflap™?

Ultraflap™ is offered in a range of shapes and sizes, catering for both single and dual-rear wheel appliances, from ultralight through to bulk water tankers, and for front and rear axles. Custom sizes are also available.

How will fitting the Ultraflap™ make our appliances and crew safer?

Traditional rubber mudflaps are highly vulnerable to ignition, due to the material used and the location (almost vertical orientation and close to the ground). If unchecked, a burning traditional mudflap will produce a significant volume of toxic smoke, and could potentially spread fire throughout the appliance - with life-threatening consequences.

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