Drop Down and Radiant Heat Curtain Protection for Fire Crews

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Why Thermaguard® Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shields are your safest choice.

Designs available for more vehicle makes and models than any other brand.

Whatever your vehicle type, chances are Thermaguard® already has pre-validated designs in stock or ready for production. If it just happens to be the very first of that type, Thermaguard® also has the most experience in developing solutions! This avoids unnecessary delays and ensures your team gets the best protection, sooner.

Each shield is manufactured in Australia and individually passes multiple rigorous QA inspections

Thermaguard® employs only the most experienced, dedicated staff, and follows a fastidious quality assurance programme involving multiple detailed inspections of every component. We're not just a sewing house, nor are we just textile merchants. You deserve a solution that is right the first time, and meets your quality expectations. Your life could depend on it.

Extensively tested and recognised by independent laboratories and fire authorities

Independent testing laboratories such as CSIRO, in addition to international laboratories specialising in fire testing, have conducted dozens of thermal, flame and other tests to Australian and International Standards. Further to these laboratory tests, numerous full scale controlled 'burnover' tests have been successfully conducted. This gives unrivalled peace of mind to Thermaguard® clients.

Designed to be unobtrusive

We realise that fire trucks are not always fighting bushfires. Our customers tell us that one of the reasons they prefer Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shields is because they offer the least interference with daily operations. We don't want your crews adopting awkward postures or hunching under low-hanging shields, so we put lot of time into ensuring optimum operator vision and comfort is maintained.

Rapid deployment in an emergency

In a burnover, you don't want your crews struggling to deploy complicated or poorly- designed radiant heat shields. Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shields utilise reflective (not just high-vis) Pull To Release tabs, with permanent embroidered text for easy visual identification and deployment, even with gloved hands in a burnover situation.

The best fit in the industry

Penetration of radiant heat can quickly be fatal - that's why it is important that the inside of the cabin is completely dark when Shields are deployed. When Thermaguard's Supertherm® Shields are deployed, all Shields are secured around the perimeter. Not only does this further reduce radiant heat, it also gives crew protection should a window shatter under extreme heat, flame impingement or windborne debris attack.

Ability to tailor designs

Often, a 'one size fits all' approach just isn't going to work. As the manufacturer, Thermaguard® can modify our existing designs to accommodate your unique requirements. Whether you have custom overhead consoles, lighting or handgrips, we are happy to work with you to consistently meet – and exceed – your expectations.

Deploy Shields in any order

Unlike most competing designs, all Supertherm® Shields can be deployed in any order, and still function exactly as designed. Eliminating the requirement to deploy in a particular order means less cognitive stress on your crew during an emergency, and could mean the difference between life and death in a burnover situation.

Global reach and experience

By employing internationally recognised textiles professionals and monitoring global developments, Thermaguard® is able to ensure we literally are leading the fire crew protection industry. Rather than limit ourselves to a finite range of 'off the shelf' materials, we constantly develop new unique textiles to offer the exact properties desired.

Protection for both short and long-term health

Thermaguard® has never manufactured or supplied asbestos in any products. We also do not utilise fibreglass matting (cheap) in our Shields because frequent unrolling and rerolling in confined spaces – such as an appliance cabin - (for training etc) can release fine glass fibres into the air, with potential health risks.

Lightweight materials

We understand that every kilogram saved means additional equipment, liquid or gear can be carried. Thermaguard's Supertherm® Radiant Heat Shields are amongst the lightest in the industry, meaning minimal impact on Government-mandated axle loadings, and helping to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. We also have the ability to meet any performance specification required - without resorting to heavy and potentially hazardous fibreglass mat fabric.

Complimentary installation assistance

Clients who choose Thermaguard's Supertherm® Radiant Heat shields are provided with access to a dedicated Installation Support contact. This helps to ensure your installation proceeds smoothly, and any questions can be resolved quickly, minimising downtime. It's free, and it's just one more Thermaguard® difference!

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