Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve

Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve

When it comes to protecting critical lines and wiring from the effect of flame and heat, Thermaguard's Aerospace Grade Firesleeve has it covered.

Thermaguard's fire sleeve is manufactured to the demanding AS1072 Aerospace Standard; ensuring complete peace of mind, in the knowledge that your thermal sleeving offers a consistently high performance level of protection for your hoses, cables and lines. The high-bulk fibreglass inner is braided, not knitted, which offers exceptional insulating properties.

If you're a firefighter, you already know even a low grass fire can pose a serious threat to a fire appliance. Critical components such as brake and fuel lines are often relatively unprotected, and if affected by flame or heat have the potential to immobilise a vehicle, exposing the crew to significant risk. In today's increasingly electronic appliances, many electrical wiring looms should also be protected to minimise the risk of triggering 'limp-home' modes which reduce power and speed.

The High-grade silicone outer is a unique compound which sheds splashes of molten metals, and forms a protective 'crust' when exposed to flame. This allows the sleeve to withstand short term flame immersion. The braided, high-bulk fibreglass inner insulates protected lines from conducted heat; together the two components will provide protection from continuous heat of up to 260°C, and molten splash up to 1200°C.

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Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve
Thermaguard® Aerospace Grade Firesleeve
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