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Thermaguard® Supertherm® Personal Protective Fire Blankets

Introducing the Supertherm® Compact 46CI

Truly World-class technology

The Supertherm® Compact 46CI is the latest evolution in Thermaguard's extensive line of Personal Protective Fire Blankets. With no wool content, this product represents a complete break with tradition - and is the result of our R&D team developing a proprietary new blend of fibres, specifically for protection of persons trapped in a bushfire.

As much as 300% smaller than the competition

By replacing wool and wool blends (which were the benchmark until now) with our new textile, we are able to offer a blanket which requires far less stowage space. Wool, whilst naturally fire-retardant, relies significantly on trapped air – which means it is very bulky. The Supertherm® Compact 46CI allows a whole new range of storage options, and means that the cabin is freed up for occupants – a benefit already appreciated by thousands of Australians.

Up to 300% more protection than the competition

The new textile offers massively improved levels of protection. Extensive independent tests have shown the Supertherm® Compact 46CI performance in radiant, transmitted and convected heat to be far superior to any other blankets tested. This means the best peace of mind should a deployment be necessary.

Completely universal application

Measuring approx. 2m square, the Supertherm® Compact 46CI is large enough for most adults, and is also double sided (i.e. both faces are equally effective). This eliminates the requirement to establish correct orientation, which in turn reduces the workload on crews in an emergency, saving time when time matters most.

Unique packaging options

Thermaguard® offers a range of packaging options which have been tailored to the needs of our clients. Methods such as press-rolls, vacuum packaging and durable carry bags are available, and we welcome your input. Our objective is to offer packaging which can be rapidly opened, minimises potential for damage, and minimises cabin interference. It's all about making life easier and safer for your crews.

Custom branding available

Keeping track of equipment is a constant challenge faced by emergency services. Add the involvement of many different organisations and the unpredictable nature of a bushfire, and it's not hard to see why items go missing. Thermaguard® offers a variety of ownership branding options, including serial numbers, barcodes and logos; all helping you retain your gear.

Western Australia’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services specify the Supertherm® Compact 46CI. View their video below.


There's not much point having protection stored if you can't access it in an emergency – blankets stowed on the rear of an appliance could be very difficult to reach safely in a burnover situation.

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