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Thermaguard works with ForestrySA to upgrade Crew Protection

View a short video to see how Thermaguard was able to assist ForestrySA with improving fire crew protection in the purpose-built FireKing appliances.

Country Fire Authority (CFA) wins 2015 Fleet Safety Award

Thermaguard CFA Country Fire Authority

Thermaguard is pleased to congratulate Victoria's Country Fire Authority (CFA) on winning the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) 2015 Fleet Safety Award, which recognises excellence in the management of vehicle fleets and improved safety outcomes.

CFA embarked on a state-wide Crew Protection Retrofit Program, which included cabin deluge/water spray systems, improved intercom communication capacity between crew, critical component heat shielding and Thermaguard Supertherm® radiant heat curtains. In total, over 1000 appliances were retrofitted, and Thermaguard was delighted to make such a meaningful contribution to the improvement of crew protection.

Despite the very large range of vehicle makes, models and build-dates, the entire project was completed ahead of time and below budget; possible in no small part to the project team and mechanical officers who passionately dedicated themselves to ensuring the significant upgrades were implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The upgrades performed by CFA have been extensively tested by CSIRO, and new CFA medium and heavy tankers are now fitted with Crew Protection – including Supertherm® in-cab Radiant Heat Shields - prior to delivery to brigades.

Throughout the entire retrofit program, CFA demonstrated a thorough commitment to providing their crews – who are largely volunteers – with the best protection practicable. The AfMA 2015 Fleet Safety Award serves as an acknowledgement of that achievement.

Since the completion of the Program, CFA crew in a burnover have been successfully protected by some of the most innovative, effective systems available, and this is a tribute to CFA’s proactive approach to Crew Protection.

CFA Trucks Win Safety Award